kReEsTaL (kreestal) wrote in scaryminds,

TASCHEN's Magic, 1400s - 1950s

Hello guys,

TASCHEN has just published an amazing book about Magic (Hardcover, 29 x 44 cm (11.4 x 17.3 in.), 650 pages, 7 kg), which celebrates more than 500 years of the dazzling visual culture of the world's greatest magicians.

Featuring more than 1,000 rarely seen vintage posters, photographs, handbills, and engravings as well as paintings by Hieronymus Bosch and Caravaggio among others, this 650-page volume traces the history of magic as a performing art from the 1400s to the 1950s.

(More pictures on FlickR)

You can leaf through the book to see how richly illustrated it is, and order it on TASCHEN's website :)
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